Handmade Thoughtbooks

Olivia J. Designs was created by Maya Gold in order to share her gift with the world while inspiring others to create. Each piece is made completely by hand and no two items are exactly the same. The Olivia J. Designs experience is special! Your thoughtbook will arrive nestled in an awesome package.

What We Do

Olivia J. Designs is home to unique, hand crafted leather journals (which OJD calls “Thoughtbooks.”) The artist, Maya Gold, also repairs worn books and bibles. Browse this site for images of Maya’s works. A link to her online shop can be found under the shop tab. Enjoy!

OJD’s Newest Products

Each of our Thoughtbooks is one of a kind. If you see one you enjoy, you’d better grab it quickly! You never know when someone else will fall in love. 


P.O. Box 131126

Ann Arbor, MI 48113