OJD by Maya Gold


Hi! I am Maya Gold, and I am the owner and designer at Olivia J. Designs. I am a third generation artist and degreed fine book binder. I have added my own funky style and flair to the art of book binding, which lends to unique one-of-a-kind pieces. I am inspired by  nature and its elements and the beauty of color. My art studio is my oasis where I often lose track of time while making my creative visions come to life. What a satisfying feeling it is to make ideas tangible for others to enjoy.

I have a Masters Degree ABT in Public Administration, however I am most proud of my Associates Degree in Book and Paper Arts which I received in 2014. I often take art classes in order expand my knowledge, skills and enhance my art pieces. While working through my art degree, my love of fine book binding grew. I began to create thoughtbooks at home and established my own unique style. My collection grew and I had the desire to share my art with others. What a shame to keep all of these books to myself.

 I started Olivia J. Designs in 2016. Olivia is my daughters name and the J represents my  my 4 sons, all of whose names begin with a J. My desire is to inspire others to create through my art. I create lovely One-of-a-kind vessels to hold precious thoughts, drawings, quotes, poems, photos, travels, letters…The pieces of art I create become truly special once the pages are loved with whatever is poured onto them.

You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have

Maya Angelou

The Process

All pieces are created by hand using fine book binding techniques and only the best in leathers, papers and supplies.

Leather Bound Thoughtbooks

Each piece begins with only the finest in leather hides or vegan leathers, papers and a variety of fine book binding materials. Blank text papers are hand cut to size with a paper knife to add a deckled edge. I then select the leather and cut it down to wrap around the text papers. Many of the thoughtbooks are hand painted at this point and some are adorned with small hand stitched paintings. End papers are then added to the front and back of the books to add interest and protect the inside pages. The text papers are then hand stitched into the leather for a sturdy, exposed linen binding. Some type of closure is added to secure the piece.

Hard Cover Thoughtbooks

I begin these pieces by painting and decorating the book boards. I either use lined papers of hand cut blank papers for a deckled edge. Each text block is prepared by sewing each signature of paper together, gluing and enforcing the spine. I then make the casing for the book. I select a coordinating piece of leather for the boards and create a case to hold the prepared text block. Everything is glued together with the end sheets securing the front and the back.

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